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Help us give back to the IAFF Charitable Foundation by getting a quote online or by calling 1-800-835-0894.

Please also watch the video message above from Liberty Mutual and IAFF 4th District VP Bill Taylor.

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Fire Fighters Battling Cancer - Why We Fight to Protect Our Members

Ever wonder why you hear about fire fighter unions fighting so hard to provide benefits to our members?  The video above is representative of the fight that fire fighters all over the country are facing each day; the fight against cancers caused by the hundreds of different chemicals we come in contact with every day. 

Highlighted in the video is the little discussed issue of diesel exhaust.  Even fire fighter/paramedics who might spend more of their time on ambulances than fire engines or fire trucks still come back to the same fire stations where diesel exhaust permeates the air, settles on any and all surfaces, and soaks into our gear and other porous materials.

As more studies are done, and more information is learned, the picture gets even more grim.  This is why we fight for our members.

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Contract Information Sessions POSTPONED!!

The Contract Information Sessions scheduled for tomorrow through Friday have been postponed.  The Negotiations Team found missing and incorrect language in the "final" draft of the contract.  Despite their efforts to resolve these matters on time, they were not able to do so.

The Team wanted to make certain that all portions of the collective bargaining agreement were correct and accounted for before providing the information to the membership.

We will notify everyone as soon as we can as to the new dates.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Baltimore Sun Highlights Fire Fighter Cancers

Howard County Professional Fire Fighters Association member John Orth (at right), and his struggles with cancer, were highlighted over the weekend in an article by the Baltimore Sun. 

Many studies have been completed that show an increased incidence of cancers among the fire fighter population when compared with the general population. We urge anyone who reads the article to understand this before making up their minds.

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Worker's Comp Cell Phone App

If you are interested in having some basic information available at your fingertips, check out the new cell phone application designed by Berman, Sobin, Gross, Feldman & Darby. 

The application contains information about Worker's Comp law, your rights as an injured worker, the Heart & Lung Presumption for Fire Fighters, Occupational Cancer, and more.  It also includes contact information for the Towson office (Matt Darby's location), and the Gaithersburg office (Ken Berman's location). 

The application can be downloaded by going to the BSGFD website (, under "Important News and Updates" on the left hand column click on "for public safety officers, click here."  On the ensuing page will be links to both the Android Google Play app store and the Apple App Store.

The application is an additional resource at your disposal.  If you need any additional information, please let us know.

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October Promotions

Congratulations are in order for several members who were just promoted. 

Battalion Chief Joanne Rund has become the first female promoted to Assistant Chief in the history of the department.

Lieutenants Pat LePore and Brian Pickett were promoted to Captain.

Local 2000 Treasurer Josh Burchick, Jeff King, and Graham Hobbs were promoted to Lieutenant.

Congratulations to all of you on your hard work and we wish you success moving forward.   

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IAFF Holding Firm on Political Stance

It is easy for many folks to pigeonhole all labor organizations as being in bed with the Democratic Party or being an ATM for the party.  In truth, the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) has a very simple philosophy; we support those who support us, regardless of political party.  This approach has allowed the IAFF to gain valuable support and passage of bills important to professional fire fighters and paramedics across the country, even while Congress is at a stalemate on most other issues. 

The Howard County Professional Fire Fighters, Local 2000 has worked hard over the last 8 years to bring that same philosophy to the local level.  We, too, support those who have demonstrated support for fire fighter issues.  We do not engage in the discussions over other social matters.  We stay true to our mission and work hard to protect the health, workplace safety, lives and livelihoods of our members.  In turn, those members are completely free to vote how they see fit given their own opinions and values.  However, their union will continue to focus on the issues affecting fire fighters, paramedics, and the fire service in general. 

We applaud the efforts of General President Harold Schaitberger as he represents the IAFF at the AFL-CIO Convention.  He is fighting the good fight on behalf of all professional fire fighters; working to espouse the virtues of good political action, while trying to keep the labor movement from becoming a social movement.

Follow this link for more.

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Three Longtime Members Retire

Local 2000 would like to wish three longtime members a hearty congratulations on their retirements.  Yesterday officially marked the final day of three careers that have meant a great deal to the members of IAFF Local 2000, and to the department in general. 

Assistant Chief J. Mark Richards is a charter member and past President of Local 2000.  Brother Richards leaves us with 38 years and 10 months of service, having been a dues paying member the entire time. 

Captain Robert "Flea" Fogle, a 30 year member of the union, retires with over 30 1/2 years of service.

Lieutenant Brian Tiffany is retiring to North Carolina, having served Howard County Fire & Rescue for more than 32 years and 8 months, and a member of the union his entire career. 

Local 2000, the Department, and the citizens of Howard County a debt of gratitude for the service of these three men.

May your retirement last as long as your careers, Brothers. 

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Liberty Mutual IAFF Discount Program

Click on the banner at right or click on the following link for information about Liberty Mutual Insurance representative Karen Apter-Cohn.  Ms. Apter-Cohn will begin visiting the stations to inform our members about the discounted products offered to IAFF members. 

Liberty Mutual

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